Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans Treatment in Gurugram

Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition that causes dark, velvety patches in body folds and creases, often in the armpits, groin, and neck. It is commonly linked to obesity and can sometimes indicate an underlying health issue like diabetes etc.

Treatment focuses on managing the underlying condition, which can help the skin return to its normal color and texture. If you notice these skin changes, it’s important to consult a professional dermatologist, especially to rule out any potential health concerns like diabetes.

What are the symptoms of acanthosis nigricans?

When to see a doctor for acanthosis nigricans?

We recommend you consult a professional dermatologist for acanthosis nigricans if you notice these symptoms, especially if they occurred suddenly.

Dr. Meenu Sethi offers effective, results-driven acanthosis nigricans treatment in Gurugram. She is committed to deliver only the best to her patients and employs a personalized approach to each and every individual. Consult Dr. Meenu Sethi for targeted and successful management of acanthosis nigricans.

What are the causes of acanthosis nigricans?

How can acanthosis nigricans be prevented?

Best treatments available for acanthosis nigricans at Skyn Stories Dermatology Clinic in Gurugram

Acanthosis nigricans may not disappear on its own, however, medical treatment isn’t always necessary. If no underlying condition is causing it, you can choose whether to treat the dark patches.

Treatment often leads to clear skin, although the dark spots may not completely vanish. Addressing the underlying cause, such as diabetes or a hormonal condition, can help improve the skin.

Weight loss, exercise, and a healthy diet can reduce insulin levels, potentially causing the patches to fade or disappear completely.

Dr. Meenu Sethi advises early detection and prompt initiation of treatment for managing the condition. Should the preventive methods fail, she may recommend the following acanthosis nigricans treatment in Gurugram:

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