Corn and Callus

Corn and Callus Treatment in Gurugram

Corns and calluses are thick, toughened skin patches that form due to constant friction or pressure. They typically appear on the feet, toes, hands, or fingers. If they don’t cause discomfort or bother you, they usually don’t need treatment. Most of the time, getting rid of the source of the friction or pressure makes them go away.

These hardened areas develop to protect the skin from the rubbing or pressure. They often occur on the hands and feet, especially in people who walk a lot, do manual work, or wear poorly fitting shoes.

What are the symptoms of corn and calluses?

Difference Between Corns & Calluses



On the other hand, calluses are thickened patches of skin that develop in response to irritation or stress. They usually form on pressure spots, such as the heels, balls of the feet, palms, and knees. They can vary in size and shape and are often larger than corns. Unlike corns, calluses are rarely painful and don’t have a hard center. They develop to protect sensitive areas of the skin from injury.

When to see a doctor for corn and callus?

We recommend you consult a professional dermatologist for skin corn and calluses if you notice that they’re painful and inflamed.

Dr. Meenu Sethi offers effective, results-driven corn and callus treatment in Gurugram. She is committed to deliver only the best to her patients and employs a personalized approach to each and every individual. Consult Dr. Meenu Sethi for targeted and successful management of corns and calluses.

What are the causes of corn and callus?

How can skin corn and calluses be prevented?

Best treatments available for corn and callus at Skyn Stories Dermatology Clinic in Gurugram

Corns and Calluses typically resolve on their own once the source of the friction is eliminated. Taking effective preventive measures and attending to the root cause can significantly help. However, if you’re experiencing pain and blisters or have diabetes, it is best to consult a professional doctor for corn and calluses.

Dr. Meenu Sethi advises early detection and prompt initiation of treatment for managing the condition. Should the preventive methods fail, she may recommend the following corn and callus treatment in Gurugram:

  • Medicines like salicylic acid-based ointments and urea-based creams
  • Parring of thickened portion of the skin

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