Urticaria Treatment in Gurugram

Urticaria also known as hives, are itchy welts that can last for more than six weeks and reoccur over time. They start as itchy patches and develop into swollen welts of varying sizes, appearing and fading at random. This skin reaction can be very uncomfortable, affecting sleep and daily activities. It’s often caused by allergies and can be relieved with anti-itch medications.

Hives can be acute (going away quickly) or chronic (lasting a long time). 

What are the symptoms of urticaria?

When to see a doctor for urticaria?

We recommend you consult a professional dermatologist for urticaria if you’re experiencing hives for more than a few days. Seek immediate medical attention if they are caused a s a part of a severe allergic reaction.

Dr. Meenu Sethi offers effective, results-driven urticaria treatment in Gurugram. She is committed to deliver only the best to her patients and employs a personalized approach to each and every individual. Consult Dr. Meenu Sethi for targeted and successful management of urticaria.

What are the causes of urticaria?

How can urticaria be prevented?

Best treatments available for urticaria at Skyn Stories Dermatology Clinic in Gurugram

Chronic hives require regular medication and a healthy life styles. If these do not work, prescription antihistamines may be prescribed. Other treatments include applying cold, avoiding triggers, and taking medications. Lifestyle changes such as wearing loose clothing and avoiding sun exposure can also help.

Dr. Meenu Sethi advises early detection and prompt initiation of treatment for managing the condition. Should the preventive methods fail, she may recommend the following urticaria treatment in Gurugram:

  • Topical Calamine
  • Oral medications like topical steroids, cylosporine, and methotrexate.
  • Immunotherapy

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